Executive Board

Marc Cohen, President

Bridget Doyle, Vice President

Patrick Gareau, Treasurer

Margaret Ketchen, Secretary

Executive Committee Representatives

Devin Armstrong, Community Colleges

Colin Delgado, Doctoral-Granting Institutions (Undergraduate)

Saben Durio, Doctoral-Granting Institutions (Graduate)

Alex George, University Colleges

Rosemary Guerra, Community Colleges

Katherine Holmok, Agriculture, Technology, and Statutory Schools

William Maskrey, Community Colleges

Christopher Ortega, Doctoral-Granting Institutions (Undergraduate)

Joey Oswald, Community Colleges

Nicole Pereira, University Colleges

Preston Ross, Community Colleges

Imran Suhail, Community Colleges

Nathanael Wilhelm, Agriculture, Technology, and Statutory Schools

Conner Wolfe, University Colleges

Executive Cabinet

Nicholas Simons, Chief of Staff, External Affairs

Robert Drumm, Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

Carolyn Sheridan, Deputy Chief of Staff

Emily Altschuler, Chair, Campus Safety

Joshuah Barry, Chair, Community Colleges

Nick Butler, Senior Adviser, Board Policy

Jason Cheung, Assistant to the Secretary

Jarius Jemmott, Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Victoria Lopez, Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tyler McNeil, Press Secretary

Rey Muniz III, Director, Legislative Affairs

Austin Ostro, Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs

Sarah Petrak, Deputy Director, Communications

Darren Pikul, Assistant to the Vice President

Arthur Ramsay, Director, Communications

Evan Rufrano, Director, Academic Affairs

Alivia Sheffield, Chair, Sustainability

Bryana Snyder, Director, Rules

Jake Webster, Chair, Military Affairs