Taryn Rackmyer, Representative-Community Colleges


Taryn Rackmyer 

Representative-Community Colleges

Frankfort, NY

Hobbies: Theatre, drawing, graphic design

Email: taryn.rackmyer@sunysa.org



Taryn Rackmyer is currently attending Mohawk Valley Community College, pursuing degrees in Public Policy and Accounting. At Mohawk Valley, Taryn is serving as the Student Government Treasurer for her second year, and working actively in the Honors Program and Phi Theta Kappa Lambda Beta Chapter to better understand and contribute to her community.


Taryn takes pride in attending Mohawk Valley, and loves engaging with all of the community colleges that SUNY has to offer. She has worked with the International Club at MVCC to learn about the diverse backgrounds that community college students come from, and is a coach in the MVCC Kids and Coaches club where she gets to work with underprivileged children in the area to provide fun experiences and encourage them to attend college in the future. These experiences have helped shape her as a student representative and contributed to her understanding of the role of a student leader.


Taryn values honesty, transparency, kindness, and inclusion. She works hard to promote and implement these values at MVCC, the student government associations she represents, and the SUNY SA Executive Committee. For this reason, she encourages all SUNY SA members and future members to reach out to her at her listed email address to discuss their ideas, values, and passions.