Carlos Cobo


Carlos Cobo
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Carlos is a junior at Stony Brook University, where he studies Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and hopes to go to law school after graduation.

Prior to entering higher education, Carlos was born and raised in Brentwood, Long Island. There, he grew up in a community known for being under and misrepresented on local news for its reoccurring gang violence activity, supposed failed school systems, and high level of illegal immigrants. Despite what the community was labeled for, Carlos rose against the odds and persevered in grade school, where he found his passion in advocating for the environment and his community through the STEM and Political Science classes and was involved in his school’s National Honor Society. There, he and his fellow Brentwood peers represented all departments of Brentwood High School to prove that there was more success than meets the eye.

Following graduation, Carlos enrolled in the Suffolk County Community College Honors Program located on the Ammerman Campus, where he easily got involved, primarily in his Student Government as a freshmen Senator. As a Senator, he not only spoke on behalf of his fellow peers, but he also provided a voice for the STEM department through the installation of a water bottle refiller station in the campus’s student center. The following year, he was elected by his student body as their Ammerman Student Government President. As the President, his main focuses were a greater Student Government presence in student-run clubs and organizations and the remodeling of his Student Government Constitution. While successful in both focuses, he extended his reach to the Michael J. Grant and Eastern campuses Student Governments. There, he created the dialogue of a unified Student Government Mission Statement that not only brought the three Suffolk Student Governments together but provided the Board of Trustees with the acknowledgment that the Student Government is the voice of the student body.

Being involved in the SUNY Student Assembly became important to Carlos for the main reason that the SUNY Student Assembly was generally absent at Suffolk County Community College, as it is for other community colleges. Being a voting delegate gave Carlos the opportunity to create open communication between SUNY SA and Suffolk CCC students, primarily his fellow SGA members. Carlos hopes to continue the strong link between the two entities, and also hopes to do the same for other SUNY SGAs that are currently not as involved in student advocacy but wish to be.

Committee Membership

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Chair.