Executive Board

Marc Cohen, President

Nicole Pereira, Vice President

Michael Braun, Treasurer

Margaret Ketchen, Secretary


Executive Committee Representatives

Richard Caldicott, Community Colleges

Brendan Caluneo, Community Colleges

Amanda Demma, Doctoral Granting Institutions – Undergraduate

Manik Elahi, Doctoral Granting Institutions – Undergraduate

Alex George, Doctoral Granting Institutions – Graduate

Rosemary Guerra, Community Colleges

Katherine Holmok, Ag/Tech Schools

Vrinda Kumar, University Colleges

Thomas Nevins, Community Colleges

Sarah Petrak, Doctoral Granting Institutions – Graduate

Bryana Snyder, Doctoral Granting Institutions – Undergraduate

Imran Suhail, Community Colleges

Jac’Quan Thompson, Community Colleges

Eusebio Omar van Reenen, University Colleges

Conner Wolfe, University Colleges

Nikki Zeitzmann, Ag/Tech Schools

Executive Cabinet

Executive Cabinet appointees will have their nominations considered by the Executive Committee at its June meeting, and profiles will be made available upon confirmation.