Rosemary Guerra

Rosemary Guerra
Interim Secretary
Representative, Community Colleges
Chair, Community Colleges Committee

Rosemary is currently studying business administration and will be graduating this year and moving on to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Sullivan County. She has also lived in San Diego, California for several years. This is her second year being her college’s student government president as well as her second time being a community college representative within the SUNY system. She is involved with the earth guardians on her campus as well as a voting member on the student faculty association for her campus. She has served on the Diversity Equity and inclusion committee as well as the legislative affairs committee.

Rosemary is extremely proud to be a student in the SUNY system. She look forward to seeing what great things the team can accomplish this year for the greater good of all existing and future students within the SUNY system.




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