Matthew Keicher, Representative-Agriculture, Technology and Statutory Campuses

Matthew Keicher

Representative-Agriculture, Technology and Statutory Campuses

Wales Center, NY

Hobbies: Photography, gardening, drawing, accounting, hiking, kayaking, fishing, watching movies, shopping and learning new things.




Matthew Keicher is a senior at Morrisville State College pursuing a Bachelor’s of Technology degree in Horticultural Business Management. He is currently an active member of the Student Government Organization, Campus Activity Board, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation Board of Directors, Chimes Newspaper and The Arcadian Yearbook on his campus. During his time at Morrisville, he has become involved in many of the clubs and has held a voting position on the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation Board of Directors, and Student Government Organization (SGO). During his times of being involved with SGO, he has been elected for 2 consecutive terms as Director of Budgets, moved up to Vice-President has also been a voting member of the Assembly as the Representative for the Collegiate Future Farmers of America, Member at Large, and was a member Chair and Co-Chair of the Finance Committee.


Beyond his involvement on his campus, Matthew is an honorary member of his local Kiwanis Club of Wales, where he spends about a hundred community service hours each year. He has also helped with his local Future Farmers of America W.D. Ormsby chapter with fundraising during the summer.


He is excited to be able to continue serving his communities and peers by working with the Student Assembly as a Representative and member of the Executive Committee. He is looking forward to being able to help his constituents and anyone else that needs it while improving the SUNY system for the betterment of the students in the SUNY system.