Jordan Spells, Representative-Community Colleges

Jordan Spells

Representative-Community Colleges

Wilson, North Carolina

Hobbies: Track, Movies, eating out,  Adventurous things Netflix.




I Love the Lord with all my heart.  I realize that it hasn’t always been easy,  but with God’s guidance, I am able to run the race. I was licensed as a Minister at the age of 12 in the State of North Carolina. I worked with Wilson County Public Schools Board of Education for 1 year, ensuring that all students received a great education. I then transitioned to Spring Valley, NY and worked with East Ramapo Central School District for 2 years, ensuring that all students reached the success level on where they needed to be. I then joined the Rockland Community College also ensuring that each student receives a safe, supportive, sound challenged and engaged education. It has not been easy, but I made a PROMISE and that is what allows me to stay on track!