Jahad Hoyte, Representative-Agriculture, Technology and Statutory Campuses

Jahad Hoyte

Representative-Agriculture, Technology and Statutory Campuses

Dix Hills, N.Y.

Hobbies: Flying, Reading, Running Track, Jiu Jistu and Volunteering  

Email: Hoytjd@farmingdale.edu





My name is Jahad Hoyte and I’m a Junior at Farmingdale State College. Seeking a Masters degree in Aviation Administration. I’m currently pursuing my career goal to become an Aviation Administration Professor and Commercial Pilot. Since a young age I’ve been fascinated with Aviation, I took my first flight when I was sixteen and now twenty years old I’m currently working on obtaining my private pilot’s license. Currently as the Vice President of Student Government Association on Farmingdale State College. Starting as a senator I’ve developed a passion for listening to my fellow student body to begin advocating for them. Serving as Vice President of Student Government Association together we have improved numerous amounts of conditions on Farmingdale State College. Such as enhancing the livelihood for the student body. I recently joined SUNY State Assembly not for me, but for all of you, to work and assist in unifying each of the Student Government Associations of the Agricultural Technology Schools. Personally, I believe that your legacy is my legacy and this is how change can occur. So together SUNY Maritime, Cornell, and Delhi lets bridge the communication and work together to implement change. Together we can move forward, and together let’s talk about what’s possible for SUNY State Assembly.