It’s On Us

The SUNY Student Assembly is committed to stopping sexual violence on campus and is proud to partner with the It’s On Us campaign to raise awareness across the SUNY System through collaboration with SUNY Student Government Associations.How

How can you help prevent sexual violence on your campus?

  1. Take the Pledge to recognize, identify, intervene, sexual assault on your campus and to create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.
  2. If you’re hosting an event on your SUNY campus, fill out this event form to get support from the Student Assembly and the It’s On Us team!
  3. Sign up for the SUNY Regional Team below. Any student at any SUNY campus can join the regional team!



The State University of New York System is committed to making safer campuses and eliminating barriers for survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence.  Members of the SUNY community are encouraged to utilize resources made available on the SUNY Sexual Assault & Violence Response (SAVR) resource site. SUNY SAVR provides you with information that you can use to seek necessary resources and support, and to report the crime to law enforcement and the campus. All these resources are available at