Governing Documents


Governing Documents:

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The State University of New York Board of Trustees passed Resolution 73-117 establishing the Student Assembly.

In response to what was perceived to be structural problems with the student assembly as it existed essentially under the initial resolution, the University Board of Trustees charged its student life committee by Resolutions 90-105 dated May 22 and 91-74 dated April 25, with reviewing the structure and organization of the Student Assembly in order to enhance its effectiveness.

After extensive consultation with students, system administration staff, campus officers and the work of an ad hoc committee on student assembly under Trustee Chu, the student life committee under Trustee Lasher Duken, proposed a new model for the student assembly described in a nine-point resolution to the Board. These recommendations were accepted and the chancellor was empowered to implement the necessary steps to effect the changes.

The student life committee made its final formal recommendations on the student assembly reorganization including resolutions to change the Code of Rules and Regulations, Part 341 which governs the assembly body.

On February 27, the University Board of Trustees formally voted on Resolution 92-48 to repeal the existing Part 341 of 8 NYCRR and adopt a structure for the student assembly described in a new version of Part 341, which was essentially proposed by the student life committee. This part, and as it was subsequently amended over the years, is found as Article XVII of the Policies of the Board of Trustees.

Subsequent to that adoption, Part 341 was amended by University Board of Trustees Resolution 94-2 on January 27 to require: student representatives from statutory colleges to be students of that college; the president of the assembly to take responsibility for transitions between assemblies; created separate treasurer and secretary positions; changed term dates; restricted terms of office to two terms in any one office and changed quorum rules.

Part 341 was again amended by Resolution 2004-31 on February 12. These amendments resulted in minor changes in the composition of the executive committee of the assembly. These changes were made to enhance its effectiveness and the communication between the committee and the constituent groups.

On June 15, the University Board of Trustees passed a resolution authorizing final adoption of amendments to Sections 341.4 and 341.18 of 8 NYCRR to allow broader graduate student representation and the ability to vote to additional graduate student governments.

This amendment also updated the terminology used to identify campus sectors by referring to Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions rather than University Centers. In this way, separate graduate student representation will be provided for the following additional campuses: Upstate, Downstate, Optometry, and Environmental Science and Forestry. Graduate students at other campuses are encouraged to participate through the existing recognized student governance organizations.