Campus Safety

The Campus Safety Committee represents the SUNY students and helps to promote initiatives to keep students safe and protected. The committee is currently working on new campaigns towards sexual assault prevention as well as health and wellness campaigns supporting mental health initiatives. In addition, the committee is working on making sure students are properly educated on the impacts of drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

Committees meet on a regular basis via Google Hangouts or teleconference. All meeting details can be found on the Student Assembly Calendar and all documents can be found in the Committee Documents Archive. Biographies of members of the Executive Committee and Executive Cabinet can be viewed by clicking on names below where linked.

Emily Altschuler, Chair
Henry Gulergun, Vice Chair
Bryana Snyder, Clerk

Fahad Abbas
Brendan Caluneo
Richard Caldicott
Marc Cohen*
Kemar Kidd
Vrinda Kumar
Allison McCloat
Nicole Pereira*
Imran Suhail

An asterisk (*) denotes an ex-officio, voting member of the committee.