SUNY Voices Presidents Summit 2018

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SUNY Voices Presidents Summit 2018

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Presidents Summit

June 7th-8th, 2018

Albany, NY

Student Government Presidents started off their term strong as they came together for the SUNY Voices Presidents Summit. Student leaders from across SUNY’s 64 campuses spent the weekend in Albany discussing topics that greatly impact the 600,000 students that SUNY represents.

Students had the privilege of hearing SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson, UFS President Gwen Kay, and FCCC President Nina Tamrowski speak on shared governance.





The SUNY Student Impact

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are some of the greatest strengths in the SUNY system. Student Government Presidents spoke on the importance of maintaining inclusive and safe environments on their campuses. In order to fully understand the complexity of the issues that many campuses face, Presidents were split into groups and given scenarios by Vice President Nicole Pereira and Chief of Staff Austin Ostro. Each table was given a paper that described a situation with contemptuous actions/ speech towards gender, race, religion or social class. After an hour of constructive discussions, participants were exposed to new ways of thought – diversity. To create diversity, you have to get people talking about difficult topics, and over time create more awareness and understanding of the perspectives of others.

To put an end to an empowering and informative weekend, President Michael Braun and Coordinator for Campus Engagement Alex George conducted “Goal Setting Breakouts.” Throughout this activity, Presidents had the opportunity to discuss their agendas for the upcoming year and get inspired by the ideas of others. Overall, the Summit was a great success. The work that goes into improving the SUNY System today, betters the students of tomorrow.

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