SA President Marc J. Cohen Applauds Chancellor’s State of the University System Address

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SA President Marc J. Cohen Applauds Chancellor’s State of the University System Address

Posted by on January 22, 2018 in News | 0 comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 22, 2018

Contact: Arthur Ramsay (, 631-972-5097)

“SUNY students applaud the vision outlined for our system by Chancellor Kristina Johnson in her first State of the University System address. In just her first few months in office, Chancellor Johnson has consistently and passionately engaged students in issues affecting the SUNY community. We appreciate how that engagement has influenced the Chancellor’s vision for SUNY.

The Student Assembly supports Chancellor Johnson’s call for doubling the amount of research done on SUNY campuses. As the Chancellor noted, investing properly in research now will allow SUNY to be a national leader in technological development in the decades to come.

SUNY students need their campus and system administrations to recognize the unique struggles and obstacles many face on the path to degree completion. The commitment to individualized education articulated by the Chancellor presents new opportunities for SUNY to ease these obstacles for students.

The Student Assembly strongly supports the Chancellor’s commitment to making SUNY a national and global leader in environmental sustainability. Setting more ambitious targets for reducing SUNY’s carbon footprint, as the Chancellor did in her address, is a necessary response to the immediacy of the challenges posed by climate change.

Developing strong public-private partnerships is a key policy priority for the Chancellor, and the Student Assembly recognizes the potential for such partnerships to yield vital academic and employment opportunities for students. It is important for students to know that the time and money invested in their degrees will lead to well-paying, stable employment after graduation. We applaud the Chancellor’s engagement with the private sector to create visible pathways to employment for students.”

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